“Crispy Chilli Tofu” from Bosh!

Kirstin: Maureen wished me luck with this tofu recipe. And then I realised that I really haven’t cooked with tofu very many times.

Ella: I love the texture of this!

Kirstin: You do?

Ella: Well you know with meat, that when you take a mouthful, you’re never quite sure what texture you are going to get; you know sometimes it’s a bit fatty, or there’s a crunchy bit. But with this, I know it’s cronchy on the outside and not so much on the inside.

Kirstin: Is that how you feel about meat?

Ella: YES!

Kirstin: Oh ok. I had no idea. I had to do all this stuff with weights and cornflour to make it cronchy.

Ella: And now my mouth is on fire!

Kirstin: I think I might use less sriracha next time. But I do feel like I’m eating food from the 21st Century.

Miles: That’s because it’s just protein.

Ella: But I really do like its uniform texture. The inside is all the exact same consistency. I hope you’re going to put a link to the “I Love Tofu” song in this post.

Kirstin: Obvs! I might even investigate more tofu recipes!

“Crispy Chilli Tofu” from Bosh!

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