“Meatballs Marsala with Egg Noodles and Chives” from “Smitten Kitchen Every Day”

Lucky for us, the first time I made this dish, I forgot to take a picture.

Our family were more than willing to give this another go, given how much they all liked it the first time. Regular readers will know that it’s highly unusual for us to return to something in less than a month, so I think that speaks to how good this was.  I kept calling it Swedish meatballs with noodles, but that’s not exactly right. It’s really a modification of Swedish meatballs with noodles, but no matter what you call it, it’s delicious.

I had to make a few changes to the recipe from the outset. First, she calls for minced chicken. I just couldn’t be asked to mince some chicken, so I bought some ready-made minced turkey instead. I can’t see how that would make much of a difference. Also, Deb calls for wide egg noodles, but I couldn’t find any in my local stores (this might be down to wide egg noodles being a readily found ingredient in the U.S., but not so much here in the U.K.) So I used fresh fettucine noodles instead. Those worked wonderfully.

The second time I made this, I made a few more modifications to the recipe to make it better and/or easier. The first thing I did is I doubled the amount of sauce she calls for in the recipe. Sure, it probably would be healthier for my family if we let up on the butter-and-double-cream sauce, but it was great to have plenty in which to drown both our meatballs and our noodles. There’s nothing worse than not having enough sauce. (We had a bit leftover, which I plan to turn into something delicious for lunch tomorrow.)

The other thing I did was rather than pan frying the meatballs, as per the instructions, I roasted them for 15 minutes instead. This made my life easier as I got on with making the sauce, but also meant that I didn’t have to dirty up another pan. Once they were roasted, I finished them off in the sauce.

Would we have them again? You bet. In fact, as he was hoovering up his dinner, Andrew turned to me and said, “I think this is something you’re going to need to teach me how to make for next year.” High praise indeed.

If you’d like to make this yourself, Shutterbean has the recipe. Click through here to find it.

Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for traditional Swedish meatballs, our fine friends from NYT Cooking have a recipe. Click here to see it. 

Or if you live near an Ikea, you now have a hankering for Swedish meatballs and you don’t feel like cooking (we’ve all been there), get yourself down there. Just search “Ikea” on Google Maps.

“Meatballs Marsala with Egg Noodles and Chives” from “Smitten Kitchen Every Day”

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