“My Go-To Garlic Bread” from “Smitten Kitchen Every Day”

Yet ANOTHER recipe for garlic bread. This is a total cop out on my part, because obviously I know how to make garlic bread. But I also know that my family loves it in all of its guises, so I took this opportunity to make it again. After all, I’ve tested out several recipes on this blog, most recently Nigella Lawson’s cheesy garlic bread in November, so I’m happy to do it one more time.

So was this good? Let me answer that question with a fact: it uses 4 ounces of butter for one baguette. That is a very robust butter-to-bread ratio, and in this family at least, we approved. It’s very good, but again, I’m not sure my simple garlic bread recipe can be improved upon, where I just make garlic butter, slather it onto some bread, and then bang it under the broiler. In this version, you melt all the butter, add garlic and other seasonings to it, and then spoon it over the bread. I’m not convinced that melting the butter is going to make it substantially better. At the end of the day, garlic bread is garlic bread, isn’t it?

But still, everyone liked it. We’ll call it a win.

“My Go-To Garlic Bread” from “Smitten Kitchen Every Day”

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