“Plain Yoghurt” from “Dinner in an Instant”

Kirstin: One of the reasons I bought my instant pot was because I wanted to make my own yoghurt. And cheese, come to that. I’ve always been curious about making dairy products and I’ve always been inspired by my mother who made her own yoghurt back in the day. However, there is a reason why the image for this post is of the machine. And that’s because after many, many hours of doing whatever the instant pot needed to do (Melissa’s directions are often less than helpful with this recipe unless you’ve made yoghurt before) and FINALLY reaching the YOGT nirvana on the display, I was more than a tad disappointed to find that the “yoghurt” was only vaguely behaving in a yoghurt-y manner. And no more so after it had been left in the fridge overnight. Now, there are a huge range of possibilities for why I failed to make yoghurt. Maybe I used the wrong kind of yoghurt, maybe I just interpreted the instructions incorrectly. Who knows. Whether I can be bothered to have another go is really the problem here because it was quite a lot of faffing. And while I like to think I have time to cook during the day, I can also easily go to our local supermarket and buy any number of delicious yoghurts (with gorgeous, yummy full fat milk for those in America who are stuck with fat free varieties). But hey. I even bought the muslin cloth to make Greek yoghurt, so maybe I’ll have another go. Maybe…

“Plain Yoghurt” from “Dinner in an Instant”

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