“Red Chicken Curry” from “The Magic Fridge”

Kirstin: I’m always up for anything Thai and was curious about this recipe: I’ve made many Thai pastes over the years but this one had some unusual ingredients including roasted red peppers. You can see from the picture what a beautiful paste it made; gorgeous red and a beautiful consistency. Later in the day it was time to cook it up. And again, the method was unusual. For instance, I’ve never heard the word “poach” being used when making a Thai curry. But then again Alex Mackay is coming from a background of French Cuisine so it’s possible I have been poaching for years without realising it. The formula of his precise method (which involved adding paste throughout the making of the curry) and magic fridge paste made a totally winning combination. We ate the lot and even the kids remarked how much they loved it. It tasted incredibly authentic, bringing back memories of Thailand. And yes. I will be poaching my curries from now on.

“Red Chicken Curry” from “The Magic Fridge”

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