“Plum Tarte Tatin” from “5 Ingredients”

Kirstin: I have never been brave enough to make a tarte tatin. In fact, thinking about it I’ve never eaten one before either so I made this recipe in the dark. First things first; there was no red wine vinegar in this recipe, which is a huge step forward. Also the plums and greengages are just gorgeous at the moment and were proper ripe. I wonder if they might actually have been too ripe as they produced a lot of liquid which made turning over the tarte a little more interesting than I had expected (for the record, I was very smug as I used my frittata flipper to help with that part of the tarte). No matter though because imagine the plum sauce combined with the salted caramel ice cream that I served this with and you can see what a winner it was. I have no idea whether I cooked the pastry for long enough or whether it tasted anything like the real thing but I am intrigued enough by the whole concept to do some research and try a tarte tatin again.

“Plum Tarte Tatin” from “5 Ingredients”

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