“Lemony Lamb koftas with mint and yogurt dip” from Packed

Kirstin: I am terrible. I hadn’t even finished making dinner on Sunday night and already I was thinking about Monday lunch. And koftas seemed like a good idea for lunch after my early morning swim in the local lido. So after dropping of M at school I headed off to the shops on my bike (part of the modern triathlon I think you’ll find!) and bought all the ingredients. But first. I have a couple of issues with this recipe. I’m pretty sure the onion should not be sliced, but should be chopped instead. Also the grilling time was considerably longer than was recommended in the book. Not long enough to make anyone late for work or anything, but not just 5 minutes. It’s also difficult to buy such a small quantity of minced lamb, so I made enough for 4 batches of this recipe which I’m curiously smug about. Finally, while these were cooking I looked up various kofta recipes to see the variety of spices that can be used in the lamb mix. So next time I make these I’m going to add a little chilli and possibly cumin and ground coriander. As it was, I added a little sriracha to spice things up a little. And I was thrilled to find some wonderful new flatbread in M and S which really made this particularly delicious.

“Lemony Lamb koftas with mint and yogurt dip” from Packed

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