“Unbelievably Dark & Delicious Chocolate Cake” from “Home Cook”

I’m not going to beat around the bush: This was a disaster.

Just look at the picture above as it really is worth 1,000 words. It’s just one big gloopy mess. It was, frankly, an embarrassment. Even worse, we had guests over for dinner, so I was mortified times 1,000.

The reason I wanted to make this was because I was intrigued (to say the least) by using melted Mars bars to make the chocolate ganache-like topping. It worked, but only up to a point, because there was no indication that I should let the topping cool a bit before assembling the cake, and thus, disaster struck.

Obviously, the instructions are lacking in some regard. Although I let the chocolate ganache on top cool before I had poured it over, (even though the recipe didn’t say to do this) clearly I didn’t wait long enough. But what is that sweet spot timing wise between having pourable chocolate that doesn’t melt the whipped cream but hasn’t solidified too much that it doesn’t pour? Alas, the recipe doesn’t say.

Consequently, it was just a big hot mess on the table.

The story does have a happy ending, though. After it had time to cool off and get its act together, the cake really was delicious the next day. It was just hard to forgive it the mess it made the previous evening.

“Unbelievably Dark & Delicious Chocolate Cake” from “Home Cook”

5 thoughts on ““Unbelievably Dark & Delicious Chocolate Cake” from “Home Cook”

  1. Nicole Smith says:

    That seems like the kind of challenge a very experienced pastry chef would struggle with. I would think the whipped cream would have to be chilled and possibly semi-frozen first?

  2. Maureen Stapleton says:

    But if the whipped cream were almost semi-frozen, then it would be difficult to spread between the layers. Also, it was quite cold to begin with, since I took it straight from the fridge to the mixer to whip it up. But that’s a pretty good idea. Still, I blame the cookbook.

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      Like I said in the post, it was delicious. It’s just if I’m going to spend some time making a cake, I’d like it to look less gloopy and more put together. (By the next day, when it had stopped melting, it was even better.)

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