“Korean-style stir-fried beef (Bulgogi) from “Dinner”

Kirstin: So when I told our dinner guests that I was making this for dinner, they both became very excited. But because I had never had Bulgogi I had no idea what kind of a treat I was about to have. I made the marinade and sauce while Doctor Who was on and then got to the frying part of the beef. Melissa’s tip for cutting the beef involved freezing it for half an hour, which worked beautifully. Yes, I also had to source some mad Korean ingredients, but I love visiting our local Chinese supermarket and discovering new things.
Anyway, back to the food. Which was sensational. I mean seriously delicious. I served it with rice and in lettuce leaves, with optional garnish of coriander and jalapeno chilli. I literally cannot wait to make this again. It was perfect to share with others, littles and bigs alike and was a total treat as the flavours satisfied the whole mouth. I love Melissa Clark and her Asian recipes so very much. And at the end of the meal, I ordered a copy of this book for our guests so they could make it themselves.

“Korean-style stir-fried beef (Bulgogi) from “Dinner”

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