“Sweet Garlic Chicken” from “Dinner”

Kirstin: We like to celebrate Fridays with Fizz. We call it Fizz Friday and invite our nearest and dearest friends to share a meal. It’s usually chicken (except for the vegetarian who I cook fish for) and on this occasion I cooked this recipe. Having never seen rainbow chard before, I was pretty excited before I even started to cook. Such beautiful leaves! This recipe is essentially a roast chicken recipe, but with a twist. And it’s a good one. Once the chicken is 5 minutes from being finished, you add the chopped chard stalks to the pan, and stir in some chilli and garlic. Once the chicken is finished, you remove it and add the rest of the chard leaves to the pan over medium high heat, stirring until they are wilted. It gives you an extremely lovely gravy, complete with chard. Would I make this again? You bet I would! And I definitely need to do some more experimentation with rainbow chard!

“Sweet Garlic Chicken” from “Dinner”

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