“Vietnamese Caramel Salmon” from “Dinner”

Kirstin: We have been away for the weekend, having an ace time in the Cotswolds, eating and drinking at all the pubs. And I mean ALL the pubs. So I have to say I was looking forward to some simple fish and salad. After finally finishing the unpacking I started to make this and you know when you just KNOW when you are making a recipe. Just KNOW that the recipe is a winner. This was the case with THIS recipe. All my favourite ingredients. Beautifully simple. And with salmon too. One of the reasons I adore this book is the wonderful use of jalapeño with everything and the other is the use of Turkish chile with everything else (or at least with the recipes I have chosen to make). She also uses skillets quite a lot which we don’t really use in the UK very often, but I am learning to figure it out (I made her caramelized lemon chicken yesterday but the picture was even worse than this one if you can imagine). So yes. Make this recipe. Add the jalapeño chillies. And enjoy. Again and again. You will love.

“Vietnamese Caramel Salmon” from “Dinner”

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