Cookbook of the Month, April 2017: “Dinner, Changing the Game” by Melissa Clark

Maureen: I love how she says in the introduction this is a book for the nights when you’re too tired to make dinner. I can relate. In fact, I’m sure we can call relate.

Kirstin: I’m a huge fan of hers at the NY Times, and I always read her. I’m in love with her anyway, so this is going to be great.

Maureen: I always like reading her recipes in the New York Times. They’re always good. So to have a month of that, I think will be a winner.

Kirstin: I read about this book, but I didn’t want to buy it. Amazon didn’t describe it properly.

Kirstin: A whole chapter on “On The Grind.”  I’m going to do all the Asian stuff.

Maureen: The other good thing about this book is there are so many recipes to choose from. It’s comprehensive. But it’s also weeknight doable.

Kirstin: This coobook doesn’t even have a desserts section. Just get on with the main meal.

Maureen: It’s one pot cooking. You’ve got to love any recipe that doesn’t require that you wash 12 bowls and three pots once you’re all done.

Cookbook of the Month, April 2017: “Dinner, Changing the Game” by Melissa Clark

8 thoughts on “Cookbook of the Month, April 2017: “Dinner, Changing the Game” by Melissa Clark

  1. Sara says:

    Wow, this is so funny. I’m part of a Cookbook of the Month group on Chowhound and this is our pick for April as well. Should be fun to compare notes.

  2. Mark Preval says:

    I’ve been mulling over whether to purchase this or not. I went on Amazon and used the look inside feature to study all of the recipes featured in the book and a vast majority of them caught my attention The only thing that puts me off is that the measurement system is different to the one used in this country. Looks like I might have to purchase some cups in order to use this book. I guess the good thing is that there isn’t a desserts/baking section because I find it hard to believe that the US cups system can be as precise as our imperial system when it comes to baking

  3. Mark Preval says:

    I forgot to add that Maureen, you are so right when you talk about one pot cooking. That is why I have Rukmini Iyer’s new book ‘The Roasting Tin’ pre-ordered from Amazon

    I adore any recipe where you just bung everything into one pot/tin, put it into the oven and then let the house fill with the gorgeous smells whilst you go away, sit down and have a rest

  4. Judy Hendershott says:

    I’ve made some things from her column in the NYTimes website (I print them out and save them) and they’re always simple to make, and delicious!

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