“Rye Bread” from “Crumb”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, loyal readers! (Top Tip: Remember to brush your teeth if you’re drinking any green beer today.)

Last Sunday, with St Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we thought what better way to celebrate than with some corned beef. Of course, what’s better alongside corned beef than rye bread? Now we like a seeded rye or dark pumpernickel more than most but find the options on offer lacking in our part of London (this is true for most of London). That means making one at home.

For the inexperienced these breads can be scary: The dough is dense and hard to work, so success never seems guaranteed. Ruby’s couldn’t have been easier but had its own uh-oh moment. While working the water/orange juice/treacle into the dry ingredients it seemed there wasn’t enough moisture. Avoid the temptation to add more. Just keep going, keep working the dough, and everything will come out fine.
Although it’s not quite the rye bread that we grew up with on the East Coast of the U.S., it’s still delicious. It’s even better toasted the next day if any lasts that long.
“Rye Bread” from “Crumb”

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