“Honey Madeleines” from “Crumb”

Today is the first day of Spring. I can tell it’s Spring because of all the Spring activities I have been up to today. These have included washing all the bedlinen and then putting it out on the line to dry, wearing stripes, listening to The Police, gardening and also…baking!

I am not a baker. Have I mentioned that before? I have an oven that has a tendency to burn things and I just don’t have a feel for all things pastry. So I thought I would make the madeleines. Because French. And financiers! I had not however read the small print which included making brown butter which looked terrifying. So having procrastinated for most of the morning I finally got down to it and made two batches of 12 madeleines. It was a bit of a faff with the chilling of the tin and then the pastry in the tin but my goodness they were worth every second! Ms Tandoh explains all the stages beautifully and she has a lovely picture of the result if you want to see what colour the madeleines are meant to be when made in an oven that behaves itself. I am restraining myself by not downing the whole lot before my family returns home later. They smell DIVINE! And if Ms Tandoh can get me out there and baking, then she truly is a genius!

And the bedlinen is already dry!

“Honey Madeleines” from “Crumb”

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