Cookbook A Month, March 2017: “Crumb”

Maureen: This is a first, in the history of this blog. We’re doing the same author two months in a row. Ruby must be something special.

Kirstin: I know. We felt bereft at the end of February, so we thought we’d try Ruby’s first book in March, even though some of us are not bakers. See how much I love her!

Maureen: I know you don’t think you like baking, but maybe this will be the month you will come around to liking it. You never know.

Kirstin: [Big sigh] I will give it a go.

Maureen: I’m feeling confident that this is going to turn your attitude toward baking around.

Kirstin: Usually we do a baking book in May.

Maureen: That’s true. But why not bake in March? It feels like the world is going to shit. Let’s bake for a month and make everyone feel better.

Cookbook A Month, March 2017: “Crumb”

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