“Soft Spiced Apple Cake” from “Flavour”


Kirstin: Soft spiced apple cake. What could be more perfect on a winter’s evening with friends? Or come to that, on a Monday morning while doing chores? Or on a Sunday afternoon while tackling a puzzle in front of a fire? It turns out that THIS is the perfect cake for ALL of those activities. And more. If lasts that long in your house, that is! Do not be put off by the long list of spices; they are there for a reason. This is beautifully perfumed and heavenly. Super easy to make, THIS is the recipe I will come back to again and again. Epic. And for a non-baker, I have to admit I am VERY curious about her previous book now.

“Soft Spiced Apple Cake” from “Flavour”

One thought on ““Soft Spiced Apple Cake” from “Flavour”

  1. Interestingly enough (although it felt reductive to mention it) I felt the strongest recipe I tried in the book was a cake recipe. Apple cake is fantastic so I ought to try this!

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