Cookbook of the month, February 2017: Flavour: Eat what you Love

Kirstin: I had seen this book was out, but assumed it was all baking, which is why I didn’t look at it. But then she wrote a column for Elle, when I learned that this cookbook wasn’t just baking. Then I was interested.

Maureen: I like that she’s moving beyond baking. She was a big success on the Great British Bake Off, but I always enjoyed the other articles she wrote about food. The New York Times just did a nice story on her too, so maybe she’ll conquer America next. This book is released there this month.

Kirstin: She’s so good about the Helmsley sisters and the clean eating brigade. First there was the article in Vice, which really kicked the whole debate off.

Maureen: Last month, she had a great essay on the clean eating brigade in the Guardian. She’s definitely taken the whole clean eating trend to ask, which I admire. She’s a great writer, and she clearly loves food. The book also has lots and lots of pictures of just the food, and not of Ruby, which is how it should be.

Kirstin: She’s got some mad nail varnishes in some of the pictures, which is great.

Maureen: I like that it looks like creative food, but it doesn’t take an entire afternoon to do.

Kirstin: It’s also got a lot of different cuisines. I like a book with a lot of different cuisines.

Maureen: It all looks very inspiring.

Kirstin: It feels different. I like that. It’s going to be good month. I have a good feeling about this.

Maureen: We always say that.

Kirstin: That’s true.

Maureen: But that might actually be the case this month.

Cookbook of the month, February 2017: Flavour: Eat what you Love

9 thoughts on “Cookbook of the month, February 2017: Flavour: Eat what you Love

  1. ‘Crumb’ – her debut baking book – is one of the best baking books I own. Sometimes I disagree with aspects of her polemical pieces, but there is no denying she has an absolutely top-notch palate, a great way of writing recipes and an open and forgiving approach to food (I see her as a slightly edgier Nigella successor in that respect, and indeed they share publishers)

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