“Zuni Pan Chicken” from “It’s All Easy”


Back in the summer, I made this recipe for the first time, having made the original many times for many years! But I didn’t make it again until a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been making it every week. It’s one of those recipes that I want to make my own, to adapt it for family’s tastes and continue to cook for years to come. It’s one of THOSE recipes.

I’ve already changed some bits of the recipe, and I think they are for the better. I use ciabatta instead of baguette. It mops up the juices much more satisfyingly. I use one of those part baked loaves and cook it beforehand. I also sometimes use spinach instead of rocket/arugula as the salad part. And I just use chicken breasts with the skin on for the meat part. Overall, this is a fabulous recipe that deserves more than just a second try.

Here’s what my family had to say about it this time around. 😉

Ella: We’re just chicken out this recipe!

Tom: This recipe is so good, that Zuni-eed to have it again. It’s so good, Zuni-eed to have it every week! There are never any leftovers with this recipe. Ever.

Ella: It’spinach-es since you cooked it last!

Tom: You ciabatta stop making jokes like that.

Kirstin: Every meal, people. EVERY SINGLE MEAL!

“Zuni Pan Chicken” from “It’s All Easy”

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