“Mac and Cheese” from “Bread Street Kitchen”

img_9562Here in London, there’s no denying that autumn is well and truly here: orange leaves decorate the pavement (and need raking), the days are getting shorter (and lights go on at 4 p.m.) and at our house, the heat is finally on (always the cause of many of celebration here). This also means it has become peak Mac and Cheese weather. Huzzah!

Being Americans, we come by our love of mac and cheese honestly. There’s a reason that every American diner/eatery offers it: We were raised on the stuff. Sure, the stuff we were raised on was day-glo orange and probably not the healthiest alternative, but we were raised on it just the same.

I’ve got a go-to recipe that we all love (thanks NY Times!) but we’re always willing to try new versions. I should say for the record we very rarely experience a mac and cheese that we don’t like.

This one was great. Creamy. Very cheesy. Crunchy on top. It did, however, require multiple pots and pans, which always bums be out a bit. (Our go-to recipe requires no pots and pans, just a long time in the oven.) We loved it, but alas, it did not knock our favourite off of its perch at No. 1.

If you’d like to try it yourself, Google Books has the recipe, which can be found by clicking through this sentence.

“Mac and Cheese” from “Bread Street Kitchen”

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