Why I’m not cooking anything else from “Jamie’s Superfood Family Classics”


Kirstin: I’m going to admit it. I have given up on Super Food Family Classics. There will be no more recipes cooked from it and it will go directly to the charity shop. Our family eat healthily, but we also like to eat tasty food, and the superfood book just wasn’t doing it for me. It was just too bloody boring, and was making me depressed as I thought about what food I was serving to my children. So instead, here’s an old Jamie Oliver recipe which I have recently resurrected from his second book and love. Why? Because it’s healthy, it’s tasty, it’s easy to make. It’s everything I used to love about Jamie. Food is not some kind of drug that is going to instantly make you live longer. It’s something that should be enjoyed, cooked with love, shared with others, looked forward to all day—a way to try new flavours and experiences, and a way to keep those memories.  And if you love food as much as we do, then it is this that makes you happy (provided it is in moderation). This is the trick of it, to living life and happiness, and this is what I call superfood.

Why I’m not cooking anything else from “Jamie’s Superfood Family Classics”

21 thoughts on “Why I’m not cooking anything else from “Jamie’s Superfood Family Classics”

  1. I love that recipe too. Sooo simple to make, yet so spectacular to serve. I think I have all of Jamie’s “earlier” work, up until “Kitchen” and “Jamie’s Italy”. I love all those books. But from then on – with his “15-minutes-meals-that-actually-take-longer-than-the-recipes-from-his-“normal”-books”, he has lost me completely. Let’s all cherish the old Jamie and enjoy his philosophy on food and his gorgeous recipes from that time.

  2. Jane says:

    Brilliant – to misquote the old cliché its just food that makes you FEEL like you’ve lived longer! Boring meals are just a waste of calories that I cannot afford to gain. I agree about his early books though, I have and love them all.

  3. quiglz says:

    This is really disappointing. I’ve heard such good things about his first Superfood book, although I’ve only tasted the ‘Skinny Carbonara’ myself. – much more faff than a classic carbonara and not resembling it at all. A+ for effort though

  4. Judy Hendershott says:

    What IS this fish dish with potatoes posted on the website? Looks good! I do not have ANY Jamie books so cannot go back to his ‘earlier’ ones to check it out!

  5. Mark Preval says:

    I wonder if anyone will be getting his Christmas book that comes out in October?

    I can’t wait to see what book he brings out next Autumn. He can’t do another superfood book, he can’t do another 15/30 minute meals book so I’m not sure where he can go

      1. Mark Preval says:

        I’m surprised that he hasn’t done an Asian book. I’d love it if the old Jame came back and made the definitive book on Asian cuisine. Sadly, I think its more likely we’ll get another book focusing on eating healthy

    1. Mark Preval says:

      Well, it would seem that his Christmas book that has just been released is a return to form. I’m surprised. There is a review on the Amazon.co.uk website where a user has listed all of the recipes featured in the book and I’m not going to lie, they sound nice

  6. I’ve recently ‘discovered’ (as they say) your blog and am having a fantastic time reading through it. I really love blogs which take a close look at cookbooks – so essential when cookbook publication (big, glossy, expensive) is basically keeping the publishing industry afloat. I’m going to spend the rest of my lunch break dipping in the archives, I reckon!

    1. Mark Preval says:

      I’ll second what MUSINSONDINNER said, I have purchased cookbooks solely off the positive reviews it has garnered on here. Keep up the excellent work

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