“Slow-cooked Chicken Rendang with Gently Spiced Rice” from “Stirring Slowly”


Back in the day, when I first started cooking food from other countries, I started with Indonesian and Thai food. We visited Thailand in the early 90s and I was totally inspired by all the flavours from that part of the world. Strangely, I don’t think I have ever made a rendang curry for the kids. Also, I liked the idea of making something that I would have to stir slowly from a book called Stirring Slowly. Delightfully simple to make once you have sourced the ingredients such as galangal and lime leaves (and they are so much easier to source now than in the early 90s, I can tell you!) this made a wonderful aroma as it cooked. Miles immediately wanted to know when I was going to make it again, but Ella struggled with the textures. Tom and I devoured our portions and then had cheeky seconds. I don’t often have much time during the week to make a curry like this, but maybe I should find the time. It was a lovely therapeutic exercise, as I stirred slowly and was finally rewarded with the delicious results. Yes, this may take a little longer, but it’s worth it. Every second.

“Slow-cooked Chicken Rendang with Gently Spiced Rice” from “Stirring Slowly”

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