“Malted Milk Chocolate and Raspberry Tart” from “Stirring Slowly”


I have cooked a great many things over the years, but never a tart. So I don’t know what came over me when I decided to make this although I do have a thing for raspberry and chocolate, it has to be said. When yesterday’s plans were cancelled it felt like the time had come to open the cookbook and start making this tart. Until making it, I had no idea how many ways a tart could go wrong. But I persevered, despite the crack in the pastry and when I overfilled the case with filling and when the two kinds of filling mixed together in the case. And I am so glad I did. It is a showstopper of a tart. Literally taking our breath away with the combination of flavours. Will I make it again? Now that’s a good question…I might. You never know! The flavours are quite something. And it’s always good to try new things. Who knows, maybe I will become a maker of tarts, especially if they all taste as wonderful as this! Watch this space.

“Malted Milk Chocolate and Raspberry Tart” from “Stirring Slowly”

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