“Greek Salad” from “Happy Salads”

IMG_9280It appears that we are on a Greek Salad kick over here, given that I just made (and reviewed) a Rice Greek Salad recipe that was in Sirocco. I’m not apologising for this behaviour because I’ve always loved Greek Salad.

This version from Happy Salads was a more traditional one, given that there was no rice component. It also gave you two options for cheese. It could go without saying that I love any recipe that gives me two options for cheese. For this one, you could either deep fry a panko-covered slab of Feta and put it on top, or you could roast pieces of halloumi and put those on top.

Given that it was Wimbledon Sunday and we had spent all afternoon cheering on Andy Murray, I didn’t have the energy or the interest in doing the extra steps involved with the feta, so I went with the halloumi. Given our love of halloumi it’s surprising that I’ve never roasted it before, but it worked a treat and I plan on doing it again.

The rest of the salad was what you’d expect: cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, pepper. (Side note: Although the recipe called for using a green pepper, I used a yellow one because that’s what we had the refrigerator. The world did not come to an end.)

The salad was delicious and we all liked it. Was it the most interesting and inventive salad ever? No. But it was good, and sometimes that’s all you need.


“Greek Salad” from “Happy Salads”

3 thoughts on ““Greek Salad” from “Happy Salads”

  1. Kim Daltrey says:

    Ladies, ladies, ladies – I was the one that said you could tell whether a cookbook inspired you by the number of meals you posted. What has happened here after the initial optimism? Or is it the general end-of-term-itis that takes up every spare minute at the moment? Always look forward to reading about your experiences with the various cookbooks, and I had high hopes for this one. Especially at this time of year. (Although, as I write this, it has decided to rain here in ‘sunny’ Devon!)
    Kim Daltrey.

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      Sorry! We do like this one (so far), it’s just summer and work and other stuff has gotten in the way of us posting! I’m hoping to get much more posted starting this week. Watch this space.

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