“Vine-Baked Feta” from “Sirocco”


Kirstin: So I tweeted the very lovely Sabrina Ghayour to ask her what I should make next from her fab book and she suggested the vine-baked feta. I am always up for anything with feta, so when Anna and Tom couldn’t get into work because of flooding, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make it. Because while I could have eaten all that feta by myself, I felt it was probably best to share it with others!

Did we love it? We totally did! I couldn’t find any vine leaves and instead wrapped it in baking parchment like a present as she suggests in her intro. I should also add that while I was looking for vine leaves I also found a new Lebanese food selection in our local M and S which was very exciting! I am definitely going to make this again as it’s a perfect starter; super easy and very tasty especially with flat bread and olives. All I had to do to make it was add the zest of a lemon, some garlic oil, chilli and thyme to the top of the cheese before baking. And with all the rain today, it was the nearest we were going to get to the taste of the Mediterranean on a summer’s day. Yum, yum, yum! Thank you for the tip! We’ll be making this one again, for sure. And even better with a cheeky glass of rosé.

“Vine-Baked Feta” from “Sirocco”

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