“Zuni Sheet Pan Chicken” from “It’s All Easy”

Kirstin: So Tom. You’ve had the actual Zuni chicken at the Zuni restaurant, right? Whereas I’ve made the recipe from the book countless times. How does this compare?

Ella: I guess you’ll find out zuni enough.

Tom: It’s interesting that it’s chicken breasts and not whole chicken.

Kirstin: Oh God, the gravy is soooooooo good. You might want some more on your chicken once you’ve taken the skin off! It’s amazing! The gravy is so good. Have I mentioned that before?

Miles: No, we couldn’t tell!

Kirstin: The croutons are good too!

Ella: I like the chicken!

Tom: Has the gravy got vinegar in it?

Kirstin: It does. Just like the original recipe. Although the original recipe has champagne vinegar in it, darling!

Tom: Well I have to say I prefer the way you do the normal Zuni recipe. But I think that could be brought up to that level.

Kirstin: That does take me several days to get ready, so that would be great! Even though it is worth every second.

Tom: The croutons are too big.

Kirstin: That’s my fault. I was worried they would burn if they were too small. So next time I’m going to make them smaller and put them in for a shorter period of time.

Tom: I’m not sure about these big chicken pieces.

Kirstin: Well again, that’s my fault. Because I don’t know how to bone a chicken so I just bought chicken breasts with bone in. Next time I’m thinking you’d like more of a chicken salad feel to this.

Tom: Yes, the continuing refinement of this recipe is definitely worth it. And you know I prefer your version of the Zuni chicken recipe anyway.

Kirstin: You are kind.

Tom: I do love the crouton texture here though.

Kirstin: That’s the whole tenting thing after they’ve been in the oven which is in the original recipe too. Genius. Would I do this again? Hell, yes! And with guests and on holiday. What a good way to start this book! Total winner.

“Zuni Sheet Pan Chicken” from “It’s All Easy”

3 thoughts on ““Zuni Sheet Pan Chicken” from “It’s All Easy”

  1. Fi KP says:

    I made this for dinner last Friday after reading this, + you’re right – the original recipe is marginally better but it is also 4000 times more time-consuming. And this was absolutely delicious enough. I didn’t bother making the pan sauce at the end, just served green salad with pinenuts + let everyone effectively make their own on their plate (wide shallow pasta bowls, actually). WIN. Might add in the plumped sultanas again next time though.

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