“Perfect Pad Thai” from “My Street Food Kitchen”

IMG_2592Another month, another attempt at Pad Thai.

The last time I tried this was in October 2015 when I made, “Pimped-Up Pad Thai” from “Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite.” That version was a disaster: gloopy and not at all tasty. But I still love a Pad Thai– there’s a particularly good version from one of the stallholders at Greenwich Market that I treat myself to from time to time.

But this one, according to the name, promised to be a “Perfect Pad Thai” so I was optimistic that it would at least be an improvement on the last one I tried.

I’m happy to say this version of Pad Thai was a success.

Perhaps the instructions on this one steered me to a better result. Joyce warns you to not make one big batch, as the noodles get soggy (perhaps that’s what happened the last time) and also to put semi-cooked noodles in, that will then be finished off in the wok. I did both of those things, and it was a much better version, so she must have been on to something.

Also, here’s a top tip if you are going to make pad thai: Get everything ready in advance. Having chopped, soaked and prepared all the necessary ingredients, when it came time to cook them up, I was as efficient as a short-order chef. And doing two batches so the pan wouldn’t get crowded, didn’t seem so onerous.

Will we have this again? I believe we will. (In fact, I’d make it again tonight, one week later, but there might be some negative feedback from my diners. So I’ll save it for another time.)

If you’d like to give Perfect Pad Thai a try yourself, click through this sentence to find the recipe at BBC Good Food. 


“Perfect Pad Thai” from “My Street Food Kitchen”

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