“Dirty Burgers with Secret Sauce and French Fries” from “My Street Food Kitchen”


Burgers have seen a bit of a renaissance in London the last few years, between the huge success of Meat Liquor (well deserved; their burgers are delicious), the ubiquity of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Byron chains (both are in Greenwich and I can attest to their lip-smacking goodness), not to mention the invasion of American chains Shake Shack and Five Guys.

Needless to say, we love them.

For whatever reason, I don’t often make them at home, maybe because we have two really good chains just a 10-minute walk from our front door. But on one night during the recent Easter break (with Andrew diligently studying for his GCSEs), I decided what we all really needed was a really good burger.

We were not disappointed.

To be fair, this recipe for the hamburger itself does not deviate from the traditional hamburger recipe. Where it does deviate, however, is in the secret sauce, which was a big winner. I would tell you what’s in the secret sauce, but I signed an NDA [non-disclosure agreement]. Ha! I kid. The recipe is actually below.

I also wanted to try her recipe for french fries, having tried the same thing in our previous book. This one was slightly better in that the instructions didn’t tell me that I had to soak them in water for an hour (like in the previous one). But as a result, these chips were slighly floppier than the previous version. Not better or worse, just floppier. So maybe soaking the potatoes will be a matter of whether or not you’ve got the time.

In any case, burger night was a huge success. I suspect we will be having them again soon.

Go to page 7 to this edition of Issuu to see the full recipe for burgers and secret sauce. As a bonus, I won’t have to violate the NDA I signed.

“Dirty Burgers with Secret Sauce and French Fries” from “My Street Food Kitchen”

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