Choose Our Next Adventure! What should the April book be?

Inspired by the Internet vote that created Boaty McBoatface, we have decided to try something new. We’re going to ask you, our faithful readers, what book we should review in April.

You can choose our next adventure.

We usually choose the next book via a group chat. Kirstin usually is the one to remind us when the month is about to draw to a close that we need to pick something to do next. Sometimes, it’s easy. When a book is coming out by someone we’ve liked and enjoyed in the past, we’ll want to return to them again. Other times, one of us will really want to try something specific and will persuade the other two that we should give it a go. After a few rounds of chats, we come to an agreement and start to cook.

But this time, it hasn’t been so easy. We couldn’t reach a decision, so we thought a poll would be the best way forward. We’ve narrowed it down to two very different choices.

The first choice for our April offering is the latest book from the Hemsley sisters, “Good + Simple.” Anna and Kirstin reviewed their book in August 2014 (Maureen opted out) and liked it, for the most part. It has good, healthy, virtuous food. It is the kind of food that makes you feel better about yourself as a human being.

Some of the recipes in “Good + Simple” include: “Cucumber, Avocado and Chickpea Salad”, “Slow Cooked No Fry Chicken Curry,” “Courgetti with Quick Chick Pea Tomato Sauce,” and “Mushroom Lentil Burgers.”

The second for our April offering couldn’t be more different. It’s called “My Street Food Kitchen: Fast and Easy Flavours from Around the World” by Jennifer Joyce. Paging through the book, it appears to have a wide variety of interesting food. Tacos! Pizzas! Hamburgers! Noodles! This truly is a world away from the Hemsley sisters book.

Some of the recipes in “My Street Food Kitchen” include: “Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip, “Dirty Burgers with Secret Sauce,” “Garbage Salad,” “Pad Thai,” and “Granny’s Potato Salad.”

So which will be it? Healthy and virtuous? Or different and fun (with added burgers!).

Vote below and let us know!

Thank you.

The poll is now closed, and our cookbook has been chosen.. But thanks for your interest. 

Choose Our Next Adventure! What should the April book be?

9 thoughts on “Choose Our Next Adventure! What should the April book be?

  1. I love this blog tho rarely (if ever!) comment. However, for me there is no choice here. While I love my spiraliser, I love my dirty street food so much more. x

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      A woman after my own heart! (Though obviously I need to be unbiased in the interest of a fair poll…)

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