“Chicken Lady Chicken” from “My Paris Kitchen”


Kirstin: So I had to spatchcock a chicken for this recipe. It was much easier than I thought it would be and curiously satisfying. Clearly I missed my calling as a surgeon!

Tom: Ha!

Kirstin: So what do you think? It’s called Chicken Lady Chicken so it had to be tried with a name like that.

Tom: Oh yum! I love the way the skin comes out!

Miles: Oh YUM!

Tom: Is it cooked with the weight on it too?

Kirstin: No, it’s only fried with the weight on. Then it goes in the oven for 25 minutes with no weight.

Tom: So it’s a bit like Gwyneth’s squashed chicken but…

Kirstin:…oh yes, one of our favourite recipes. Ever. But with a different marinade.

Tom: So you could make a hybrid of the two.

Kirstin: I could indeed! I like the soya sauce and mustard additions to the marinade here.

Tom: Oh yes, definitely make this again. It’s more interesting than your usual run of the mill chicken recipe. But stick with Gwyneth’s recipe for special occasions.

Kirstin: Sounds like a plan! Also, it was sooooo exciting to see the light in the kitchen at a sensible time again! Rock on summer!

“Chicken Lady Chicken” from “My Paris Kitchen”

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