“Carrot Cake” from “My Paris Kitchen”

IMG_8335Carrot cake is practically a religion unto itself in our house. We have it every year for Thanksgiving without fail, and there’s always at least one occasion, if not more, where it’s called for again during the year.

Personally, I love everything about carrot cake. There’s the quasi-healthfulness of it, given that one of its main ingredients is sugar carrots. There’s the delicious cream cheese icing, which is always a treat. Finally, there’s the rustic combination of multiple spices and nuts, giving it its unique taste.

We are, in short, fans.

So I was not at all surprised when Tim was paging through this month’s book looking for what he wanted me to make him for his birthday when he landed on the carrot cake page. Although I’ve devised and used (and shared many times) a full-proof recipe for carrot cake for a few years now, he thought it might be worth giving a different version a go.

As I was making this cake with my 10-year-old niece, she turned to me and said, “Vegetables in cake! There’s no way I’m going to eat this now that I know what’s inside it.”

Trust me, she changed her mind once it was brought to the table in all its magnificent glory.

How did this carrot cake stack up against the other cake we know and love and I’ve made dozens of times? Well…The reaction was decidedly mixed.

I’ll proceed in a Praise Sandwich, so that if David Lebovitz happens to read this, he won’t feel bad.

The Good Points:

•The cake was moist;

•The flavour of the carrot cake was delicious (albeit not different from the one I usually make, but still good);

The “Development*” Points:

*Euphemism for things we didn’t like

• The icing was a combination of cream cheese and mascarpone and a tiny bit of icing sugar. We didn’t like it at all. We much prefer the traditional cream cheese icing I made. Worse, because there was so little sugar in it and I couldn’t fit it in the refrigerator (see below), the icing went moldy after a few days and I had to throw half of the cake away. A crying shame, I tell you.

• The cake was huge. Huge. HUGE. Way too big, and I say that as a person who loves cake.  Had it been a more reasonable size, I might have been able to fit it into the refrigerator. Then it wouldn’t have gone bad and I wouldn’t have had to throw half of it away. Not to repeat myself, but it really was a crying shame.

Finally, the other side of the Praise Sandwich:

• Everybody liked it. Even my niece who said she wouldn’t eat it when we were preparing it.

In short, while this was nice, I won’t be making this again. I’ll just revert back to my usual well-loved recipe.

“Carrot Cake” from “My Paris Kitchen”

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