“The Violet Butterscotch Blondie” from “The Violet Bakery Cookbook”


This picture doesn’t do the Blondies justice,                                                                                      but they disappeared so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to take another one. 

What’s not to love about a Blondie? Essentially, it’s a chocolate chip cookie in square form. I’ve never actually made one, until now. Believe me, I’ve eaten *plenty* of Blondies. (I love them.)  As chocolate chip cookies are essentially a separate food group in this house, I knew it was time I made a Blondie.

I was not disappointed. Nor was the rest of my family.

However, in the interest of full disclosure, it was not completely plain sailing. When I first read the directions that told me before I made the Blondie I would have to make “caramel shards,” I had thoughts that can’t be repeated verbatim here. But essentially I thought that this was yet another example of a good chef getting too cheffy with a home recipe, as I’ve had plenty of blondies without caramel shards and they were delicious.

“Bleurgh,” I thought to myself. “Making something relatively simple into something complicated.”

If I were just making this on my own, I probably would have just skipped this step. But as I was testing the recipe for the blog, I persevered with the caramel shards. Guess what, dear readers? They were worth the trouble.

When the Blondie is baking, what happens to the caramel shards is they either stay on the surface or sink down to the bottom. Either way, when you’re eating the Blondie and you stumble upon some caramel shard in your bite, you probably will think, “Delicious!” At least I did.

So yes, this recipe is slightly more difficult to make than your average Blondie recipe. But the extra step is definitely worth the trouble.

Want to make this yourself? The Happy Foodie has the recipe on its website, which you can read by clicking through this paragraph.

“The Violet Butterscotch Blondie” from “The Violet Bakery Cookbook”

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