“Pork Belly with Apple and Thyme Batter Pudding” from “A Year of Good Eating”

IMG_2462Nicholas (12): Pork belly! My favourite!

Tim: You would have pork belly every Sunday if we agreed to it.

Nicholas: That’s true. I would.

Maureen: What do you think of this? This pork belly is actually what Nigel served for his Christmas dinner. It’s the 25 December entry.

Nicholas: Pork belly for Christmas sounds good to me.

Maureen: While this looks good, I have to say that it doesn’t scream Christmas dinner to me.

Tim: Why?

Maureen:  When I think of Christmas dinner, I think of dozens of dishes jostling for space on the table. The pork belly is good, but there doesn’t seem to be an overabundance here. That said, it’s perfect for Sunday dinner. Roasting the potatoes within the pork belly is absolute genius.

Nicholas: I like it.

Andrew (16): Of course you do.

Maureen: I think this is good, mainly because I think pork belly is always good. But I feel as though we’ve had better.

Andrew: I don’t like the pancake thing.

Nicholas: Me neither.

Tim: What you have to do is take what you call the pancake thing, which is actually a variation on Yorkshire Pudding, and put some on your fork at the same time you have some pork on there too.

Maureen: (Following his suggestion): Oh. You’re right. It is yummy when you do that. I was unconvinced.

Nicholas: Pork Belly FTW!

To make this recipe yourself, click through this sentence to find the original recipe that was in the Observer.

“Pork Belly with Apple and Thyme Batter Pudding” from “A Year of Good Eating”

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