“Goose Fat Chicken, Garlic Roast Potatoes” from “A Year of Good Eating”


Kirstin: I have to admit I was a bit worried about this recipe because I could see there would be no gravy.

Ella: Do you think you made a gravy mistake?

Kirstin: Really, Ella? But the chicken is so very tender.

Tom: It really is! And moist. The potatoes; I like the crispy bits, but the rest are a bit crumbly and I like 100% crispy. So I’m not a huge fan. Maybe if we hadn’t had so many potatoes in the pan with the chicken, they might have been crisper!

Kirstin: Ah. I hadn’t thought of that! I have to say though, that I really like these potatoes. They are very yummy and excuse me while I just reach over for another. They are really delicious!

Tom: Even though I have all the crispy bits, I agree with you.

Ella: I like the other potatoes more because they have more salt on them.

Kirstin: These have salt on them!

Ella: They don’t have enough salt on them!

Kirstin: I wasn’t sure how the salt was going to work with the potatoes sitting in the gravy juices, so I can add more salt next time.

Tom: I think we should try this recipe again. And next time we would do it better and would like it more!

Kirstin: You’re on! And such a departure from the usual Gwyneth chicken recipe too.

“Goose Fat Chicken, Garlic Roast Potatoes” from “A Year of Good Eating”

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