“Chicken and Wild Rice”


Anna: There is really only one thing I need to say about this recipe. That is: Isabella ate four plates of it. Four plates in one sitting. That is two plates for each year of her life. “Yum!”, “Yummy!”,  “Mmm, chicken!”…. “More please”. In the interest of balance I need to disclose that Louis reluctantly ate only one plate. Peter and I ate what little was left after Isabella had finished her chicken-and-riceathon (“Chicken and rice in my tummy!”) and it really was rather moreish. Not four plates worth, but perfect for a night in watching scary Scandi subtitled drama on the sofa.

“Chicken and Wild Rice”

3 thoughts on ““Chicken and Wild Rice”

  1. Sandra says:

    Did you use wild rice as in the recipe or normal (ie basmati or similar) rice? If basmati did you still follow the cooking instructions in the recipe, especially the 1hour plus in the oven part?

    1. annastamour says:

      Hi! I used a combination of brown basmati, red camargue and wild rice which was delicious. I remember that I didn’t give it the full hour in the oven as my kids were starving, but it’s quite easy to keep checking to see when it’s done!

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