“Beef Chilli with Bourbon, Beer and Black Beans”

Anna: I’m sorry, but I couldn’t publish a picture with this post. This chilli, while very delicious, just doesn’t look appetising in a photograph. I tried. It looked terrible. Luckily it tasted miles better than it looked. In fact it was a hit. Easy to make and perfect to tuck into after getting back from the fireworks. The bourbon really comes through, surprisingly. My mother – a woman who has consumed many a chilli in her time – declared it a triumph. My daughter – eating her first proper chilli (rather than nursery’s version which doesn’t count) – declared it ‘Yummy!’ and ‘Brown’. Which sums it up pretty perfectly really!

“Beef Chilli with Bourbon, Beer and Black Beans”

7 thoughts on ““Beef Chilli with Bourbon, Beer and Black Beans”

  1. Judy Hendershott says:

    The meat wasn’t mince, it was chunks of flavoursome beef shin, hence a more authentic Mexican version of this perennial favourite! It was a delicious ending to a memorable fireworks night.

  2. Kim says:

    Can you tell me if it’s very hot please? I want to do it for a evening with friends, but don’t want to blow anyones head off (I don’t like food that makes you sweat either!!)

    1. annastamour says:

      You can really dial the heat up or down according to taste. I made it with less of the chilli so my children could eat it, and chopped up some red chilli to sprinkle on top of my portion and Peter’s! It’s really very yummy so I recommend you try it!

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