“Spiced and Fried Haddock with Broccoli Puree” from “Simply Nigella”

IMG_7940Nicholas (12): Why are we having fish? It’s not Friday.

Maureen: I’m sorry. I hope this doesn’t disturb you too much, but Dad and I are going out tomorrow night, so Fish Friday has been moved to Thursday. We can have fish on days other than Friday you know. What do you think?

Nicholas: What is it?

Maureen: It should be haddock, but the fishmonger didn’t have any, so it’s hake dredged in spiced flour with a side of mushy broccoli. It’s a variation on mushy peas.

Andrew (16): The fish is delicious. I’m not so sure about the broccoli.

Nicholas: I agree with Andrew.

Tim: I don’t mind the broccoli, but I feel it could benefit greatly by the addition of some cheese, like cheddar or parmesan, or maybe some cream.

Maureen: I think this is Nigella trying to be healthy. The recipe called for either coconut oil or olive oil or butter, and I went for the butter. Everything is better with butter. But then I kept tasting it and I added twice as much butter as the recipe called for and I still think it’s a bit bland.

Tim: Cheese would definitely make it better.

Maureen: I think perhaps the problem is we all love the original posh mushy peas recipe from Nigella’s very first book, which called for lashings of double cream and butter. Yum. Bring back the old Nigella!

Tim: Maybe the next time you make this for Fish Friday you could make the fish as it is and make the mushy peas that we all love.

Maureen: Great idea.

If you would like to make the fish for yourself, and maybe give the mushy broccoli a try, click through this sentence to find the recipe on Google Books.

“Spiced and Fried Haddock with Broccoli Puree” from “Simply Nigella”

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