“Tequila and Lime Chicken” from “Simply Nigella”


Kirstin: What do you think, Miles?

Miles: Make it again!

Tom: So this isn’t Tequila Mocking Bird, then?

Kirstin: Ha! No.

Tom: Tequila quail?

Kirstin: No. Chicken. Do you like it?

Tom: Yes I do. It has a nice flavour to it.

Kirstin: So I totally messed up on the soaking it for hours and hours and instead marinated it at room temperature for 40 minutes, squashing two of the steps together.

Tom: So it could have had an even stronger flavour then? I’m sure Nigella has some marinating her fridge all the time!

Kirstin: She probably does! I’d make this again! Easy, yummy! And I’d remember to marinate it for longer next time, for sure.

Miles: Is tequila a type of drink. Is it a kind of alcohol?

Kirstin: Yes, but it’s ok because the alcohol burns off in the oven, so you won’t be drunk.

Miles: Ok. I was worried there.

Tom: But I’ve been drinking beer, so I’ll be drunk!

Kirstin: And I’m drinking one too, so I’ll be the size of a house tomorrow!

“Tequila and Lime Chicken” from “Simply Nigella”

10 thoughts on ““Tequila and Lime Chicken” from “Simply Nigella”

  1. Catherine says:

    I was curioud about this one! I made her chicken cosima, soo flavourful and again crispy chicken in corn flakes. I love this book!

  2. Nicole Smith says:

    How strong is the tequila flavour? Because I once made an Ina Garten tequila lime chicken recipe and wasn’t that impressed but I think that’s mostly because I don’t like tequila.

      1. Nicole Smith says:

        I made this on the weekend but tweaked it a little – used a tiny bit of green chilli and a pinch of ground cumin & coriander and forgot to add the olive oil so it was very citrusy! But tasty and chopped it up to go with Anna Jones black bean tacos from “A Modern Way to Eat”.

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