“Jackson Pollock” from “Simply Nigella”

IMG_7841This is a play on words. Or to be more precise, it would have been a play on words had the fishmonger had pollock in stock. Alas, the only white fish he had was cod, but “Jackson Cod” makes no sense at all. So perhaps I should call this Jackson Pollock* (*when the pollock is actually cod).

This was a Fish Friday special. The one thing to bear in mind when making fish is that is generally cooks quite quickly, so it’s the ultimate in 30-minute meals and that was true with this dish (Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out).

I had to scale up the recipe to feed four of us, since Nigella’s only served two. I noticed that many of the recipes in this book feed only two, which makes me sad for Nigella because it makes it seem that she’s either eating alone a lot or suffering from empty-nest syndrome. Or maybe both.

Unfortunately my finished dish didn’t look nearly as artful [pun intended] as Nigella’s. My green sauce also looks decidedly thicker and darker than hers, but I don’t think that was a problem. It still tasted great. It received enthusiastic thumbs up from everyone around the table.

Would I make this again? Indeed I would. This is a great addition to the Fish Friday rotation.

If you’d like to make this yourself, Google Books has it by clicking through this link.

“Jackson Pollock” from “Simply Nigella”

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