“Fried Egg and Kimchi Taco” from “Simply Nigella”

Kirstin: This is another one of those quick brunch meals you can make for yourself. And was a total winner on yet another rainy day. I was particularly lucky as I found some small tacos in M&S the other day which I had bought to try out and bought some kimchi the other day too, just to see what Kimchi was all about. So this recipe looked very promising. And it really was delicious. I loved the addition of chilli to the fried egg and will definitely be trying that trick again. Might even add it to my version of avocado toast! Yes, I will most definitely make this one again.

“Fried Egg and Kimchi Taco” from “Simply Nigella”

3 thoughts on ““Fried Egg and Kimchi Taco” from “Simply Nigella”

  1. Catherine says:

    I love kimchi and I love gochujang (chilli flakes paste). I like that Nigella used two of these things in recipes. I usually make scrambled eggs or omelette with kimchi and/or the paste. I really recommend her korean beef&rice pot. Stirred everything in my big staub, 2h in the oven and it was sensational… Or I just really love gochujang and korean cuisine!

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