“Pimped-Up Pad Thai” from “Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite”

IMG_7656I love a Pad Thai. Always have, always will. When I was a young reporter in Chicago, a group of us would go to our favourite Thai restaurant around the corner from our office every pay day without fail, and I frequently ordered Pad Thai.

[Brief pause to go to Google Maps to see if the Thai restaurant is still there. It is! I love it when despite the drumbeat of time, my favourite places are still where I remember them. As you were.]

So I was excited to make this for my family. It was even a Friday, which if memory serves actually was our payday, but that could just be my memory playing tricks on me. I really wanted to like this. But it didn’t work out that way.

I don’t know if it was operator error or the recipe didn’t quite work, but the pad thai was extremely gloopy by the time I served it. I did everything as instructed– had the wok as hot as it would go, followed the rest of the instructions to the letter– but it just wasn’t a pad thai that I could recognise.

The rest of the family, not surprisingly, was less than enthusiastic about the result. I feel bad not being able to whole-heartedly recommend this recipe, since the rest of the book looks so promising, but it didn’t work for me.

Maybe I’ll have better luck with the next thing I try.

If you’d like to try this yourself, The Pool has the recipe, which you can find by clicking through on this paragraph. Maybe you can figure out where it went wrong for me. Answers on a postcard. Or an e-mail.

“Pimped-Up Pad Thai” from “Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite”

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