“Crumbed Pesto Fish, Roasted Cherry Vines, Spuds & Greens” from “Everyday Super Food”

IMG_7434Fish Friday! Fish with bread crumbs! (Always a winner.)

This dish is a variation on the “bread crumbs on fish” dish we’ve now had and enjoyed many times. I’ve reviewed three recipes here from three different cookbooks that were a variation on this theme,  including from Gwyneth Paltrow (a firm favourite), Gino D’Acampo and even Jamie Oliver himself, from “Save with Jamie” two years ago. 

In this version, you coat the white fish with pesto and then top it with breadcrumbs. The fish is also surrounded by roasted cherry tomatoes while you boil the new potatoes and steam the green vegetables. Jamie wanted me to steam the vegetables by putting my colander filled with them above the boiling potatoes, but I ruined one plastic colander two years ago when he asked me to do the same, and I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. So I used another pot and steamed them on their own, the way I usually do.

When asked what they thought, both boys said it was “interesting.” I asked if this was “good interesting or bad interesting.” They replied it was just interesting. For Andrew (age 15), I can infer from his plate it was neutral, because even though he ate it, he didn’t do so enthusiastically and some vegetables were left behind. For Nicholas (age 12), I can infer from his plate that it was bad interesting, as he left behind almost everything.

I’m flummoxed as to why they didn’t like enthusiastically endorse this, as they like fish, they like pesto and they like fish with breadcrumbs on it. Why they didn’t like the combination was beyond me.

As for the adults, we thought this was a solid win. I used hake for my white fish, as I try to not use cod if there’s alternatives available. The homemade pesto was good, and not too much of a faff to make.

Would I make this again for Fish Friday? I’m sure I will. And maybe the next time I make it, the boys will think it’s “good interesting.”

“Crumbed Pesto Fish, Roasted Cherry Vines, Spuds & Greens” from “Everyday Super Food”

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