Our Verdict – A Modern Way to Cook

Kirstin: This month has been sensational.

Maureen: It’s been a good month, but I think her first book was better.

Kirstin: I think I like this book more than her last one. And that is saying a lot.

Maureen: Why did you like this one better than the first one?

Kirstin: I liked the way it was organised by time.

Maureen: Argh! No! That’s the one thing I didn’t like. Because it was organised by the time it took to make recipes, I found it really hard to find the recipes i wanted to make. You had to browse through the whole book every time if you weren’t sure what you wanted to make that night.

Kirstin: I can see what you mean. But if I was going to cook on a weekday, I knew that I’m only going to put an hour into this, so I would look in those sections.

Maureen: I also think the time limits were setting me up to fail. I found it really frustrating when I couldn’t get it done in the time she said it would take.

Kirstin: I don’t think I was surprised that it took longer than she said it would. You just know it’s going to take longer because it’s vegetarian, and there’s a lot of peeling and chopping and prep with vegetarian meals.

Maureen: I was expecting to love this book, but I only liked it.

Kirstin:  I loved it. I thought it was more practical than the last book. The recipes were easier to do, I thought. There’s some really simple recipes in there that were great.

Maureen: We had a few winners, but none that absolutely spectacular.

Kirstin: I loved that pour over soup. And the one pot pasta one too.

Maureen: I’ve got to give that one pot pasta a go. That looked great.

Kirstin: I think it’s great that we both bought a julienne peeler to make courgette spaghetti following her advice.

Maureen: It was a top tip, for sure.

“A Modern Way Cook”
Overall Grade (A- F): A (Kirstin) B+ (Maureen)
Best recipes: Kirstin: Pour over soup. And the one pot pasta recipe too.
Grade for Photography (A-F):  A. Just gorgeous photos.
Any disasters? Kirstin: No. Maureen: The brownies.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Kirstin: High-rotation bookshelf Maureen: I’ll keep this one for now, but it won’t be on the high-rotation bookshelf.

Our Verdict – A Modern Way to Cook

2 thoughts on “Our Verdict – A Modern Way to Cook

  1. Love what you guys are doing here! 🙂
    I’ve been similarly impressed by this book while leafing through it in a shop, and it’s great to know that the recipes work!

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