Our Verdict – “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

imagesMaureen: Where do we start?

Kirstin: It was an interesting experiment.

Maureen: Interesting is one way of putting it.

Kirstin: There’s definitely a technique for doing food tube cooking. But I don’t think they’re designed for you to cook from, really.

Maureen: I agreed with Tom when he said that these videos were mostly about entertainment, not about cooking…

Kirstin: …which is weird. I don’t watch food programmes for entertainment.

Maureen: Do you watch them at all?

Kirstin: No.

Maureen: I’ll watch them, but only if they’re people I really like, Nigella and Jamie, and also if I happen to be home and available when they’re on TV. But as far as going on You Tube to find a recipe to cook tonight? Forget about it.

Kirstin: There were some good recipes. I liked the chicken stir fry and the fish was good too. But the problem is I would often get lost watching bloopers videos instead.

Maureen: You can’t make a dinner form a bloopers video. I think the bugbear of this whole exercise is the lack of a printed recipe I can find easily.

Kirstin: I don’t need a printed recipe, just a list of ingredients easy to find. It’s not rocket science.

Maureen: At least if the ingredients were listed below the video, you’d could figure out what you needed to make it and what you had to shop for, then you could watch the video just before or while you’re making it. You wouldn’t have to watch the video with a pen and a piece of paper, which got annoying after a while.

Kirstin:  Exactly. I’m flummoxed as to why they haven’t done it.

Maureen: If this is the future, I don’t like it.

Kirstin: There’s other things they could do to make it better. They could group the recipes together by theme, like Asian recipes or Italian or chicken or whatever.

Maureen: If it was Fish Friday and I wanted to make some fish, it would have been nice if they were all in one place so I could find them easily. Instead, they were all over the place and difficult to find.

Kirstin: There were some good recipes on there, they were just hard to find. Some of the people on here are great. Gennaro is very funny. I like him

Maureen: I love Gennaro. Everything he makes is delicious..

Kirstin: Maybe the future of cooking is still in a cookbook. Ii’ve tried recipes on kindle and the iPad and that doesn’t work. On the iPad, the screen goes sleep and you’ve got mucky hands and you don’t want to touch it, so it just becomes difficult. It’s just so much easier with a book. The only books I buy now are cookbooks.

Maureen: It was an interesting exercise, but Food Tube seems like a propaganda tool for Jamie Inc.

“Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”
Overall Grade (A- F): (Maureen) F. I don’t think it really works as a culinary exercise.  (Kirstin) D: It was interesting. I’m glad we did it.
Best recipes: Maureen: Meatball Sub! Kirstin: Salmon.
Grade for Photography (A-F):  Not applicable, since we just watched videos all month. Video is the future, apparently.
Any disasters? No.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Again, not applicable.


Our Verdict – “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

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