“Quick Chicken Korma” from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”


Ella: I like it!

Kirstin: Oooo, Ella. Really?

Tom: This is yum.

Kirstin: I’m kind of getting the hang of the whole video thing, even though I couldn’t seem to get my onions as caramelised as she did. You have to watch it a bit beforehand if nothing else, so you know when to pause it.

Tom: Yeah, I’m not sure video cookbooks make a lot of sense to be honest. There’s a reason why it’s good to have everything written in a list, in a form that stays still on the surface in front of you and doesn’t interfere with your ability to play music while you cook.

Kirstin: Or have conversations with people. Because I had to keep doing that *hold on now while I find out what I have to do next on the video*.

Tom: So what does this tell you?

Kirstin: That we like cookbooks? And it’s interesting because I’ve tried getting cookbooks on my kindle and iPad and I still return to cookbooks…

Tom: No, it tells you that food tube is for people who like the idea of cooking rather than those who actually like cooking. So Jamie Oliver is someone who sells the idea of cooking.

Kirstin: Do you think he’s tried cooking along to a recipe himself?

Tom: He may have done, but the needs of television are different from the needs of those doing the cooking. Television is all about fast cutting. It’s incredibly unrepresentative. We saw that yesterday when he was making that salsa. He said chop, chop, chop and it was done in 3 seconds. Because it’s really boring watching someone chop up tomatoes.

Ella: Unless you have time travel. Or clone yourself to chop up the tomatoes and then hand them back to yourself once you’ve chopped them.

Kirstin: Indeed peeps.Indeed.

Here’s the link to the recipe I made because embedding has been disabled.

“Quick Chicken Korma” from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

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