“Princess Charlotte Lemon Drizzle Cake” from “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

IMG_6925I know Princess Charlotte is now more than a month old, but we actually weren’t celebrating her birth when we had this cake. We were having it because my friend requested lemon drizzle cake for this month’s book club, and I try to keep my friends happy. I hopped on to Food Tube and after much faffing around by watching other cake-related videos, I found this one.

It was divine.

However, I need to add several important caveats:

First, this cake and the Food Tube video don’t match up. The Food Tube video, which you can see here, was actually for Princess Charlotte Celebration Cupcakes. I was all set to make a nice batch of cupcakes, but then when I clicked through for the recipe on the website– because there’s no way I’m going to sit and watch and video and write down the ingredients and the method– the recipe was for the cake, with a small PS on the bottom if you wanted to make the Food Tube cupcakes. Since the cake looked so much nicer, I went for the cake.

Second, I think either in the rush to get the recipe out or the celebratory haze of a new British princess, the recipe wasn’t correct. Some ingredients make appearances in the ingredients list in the wrong place and the instructions were a bit vague at times.

Third, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention (and I’m sure I’ll be repeating this over the course of the month), the organisation of the Food Tube page is an absolute mess if you want to find something specific. The lack of an index, or any sort of central list of available recipes/videos, really is a bummer. I ended up wasting a great deal of time just trying to figure out what I wanted to make. I know people love Jamie Oliver, but do they really have that sort of patience to do all that mucking around?

Fourth, this probably will be a criticism that I repeat more than once this month, but I don’t understand why they didn’t just include the recipe under the video rather than making you click through to find it somewhere else. (Actually, I do know why they did that. Jamie Oliver is hungry for clicks on his own website, and by making you click over every time you want to find a recipe after watching it on Food Tube, it doubles his clicks. I feel as though he’s taking advantage of me.) It would be really nice if I didn’t have to go to yet another site to find the recipe of what I just watched. Think about it, Jamie.

Don’t get me wrong. The cake was delicious. It was just a Royal Pain to get there.

If you’d like to make the cake and celebrate Princess Charlotte’s birth yourself, click through this sentence to find the recipe on JamieOliver.Com.


“Princess Charlotte Lemon Drizzle Cake” from “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

One thought on ““Princess Charlotte Lemon Drizzle Cake” from “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

  1. Hiya, are you on the very front page of the food tube channel? There is a search bit on it and if you type in what you want it’s pretty good, I tried the cake and it went straight to it, then I tried ‘beef recipes’ and a whole list of beef recipe videos came up. I agree he wants the clicks for the recipes onto his own site, but also some of the recipes are quite long lists and methods so maybe wouldn’t be any good under the video as you wouldn’t see the vid if you scroll down to read the recipe 😀 (BTW I’m not his manager haha and don’t use the food tube channel as such, just thought I’d have a look to see what you meant and it all seems quite organised on my copy of you tube). Hope it gets easier!

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