“Chicken Orvieto” from “Bird in the Hand”


Kirstin: Tom and I have very fond memories of this recipe from it’s previous incarnation in the Alastair Little book. We used to love Alastair Little.

Tom: And his restaurant. We even spent an evening in Orvieto looking for somewhere that made this recipe. But it turns out it was just inspired by a cooking class he did there.

Kirstin: But it was a lovely evening. On our honeymoon, in fact. This has taken me 3 hours where I was mostly on my feet.

Ella: The obvious solution would be time travel.

Tom: Is it even more of a faff than Zuni chicken?

Kirstin: It’s a different kind of faff. And I have to admit I had the two recipes out to compare them. So at one point I did add a little water to the pan as Mr Little recommends.

Miles: If you were standing for 3 hours then you lost 300 calories.

Kirstin: Nice! Also, we don’t eat liver in this house. So I used crumbled up skinless sausage as I used to in the Alastair Little recipe.

Tom: So that was already a deviation from the original Alastair Little recipe.

Kirstin: Yes. Because chicken livers are just grim.

Ella: Also because you couldn’t liver with yourself if you ate some.

Tom: That joke was just offal, Ella.

Kirstin: Do you like it?

Tom: I love it but maybe not for an everyday evening meal.

Kirstin: Indeed. I should have started earlier, but the light was perfect for taking portraits and we got a little bit carried away. And then there was the nice light in the kitchen too…

Tom: I think it would be great for special occasions.

Kirstin: The gravy is amazing too, isn’t it? And the addition of pancetta is great with the potatoes too, isn’t it? Remember all those years ago, pancetta was incredibly difficult to get hold of. I’m definitely putting this recipe back into heavy rotation. Thank you for the reminder Diana Henry.

“Chicken Orvieto” from “Bird in the Hand”

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