Canapes and a cocktail from “Nigella Christmas”

Anna: It’s a long time since we ladies got together. And what would be more fitting than Christmas canapes and cocktails from our Nigella?

Kirstin: Indeed. And what a feast we had!

Anna: It was all so quick and easy to make.


Kirstin: We made the double-blue crostini, chilli cheese crostini, smoked-salmon soda breads, cranberry and soy glazed cocktail sausages, Maureen made the Christmas biscuits and I made the Christmas rocky road. And we had the poinsettia cocktail to wash it all down with.

Anna: I loved the salmon.

Kirstin: Even without the dill?

Anna: Yes. The dill would have given it an extra dimension, but it was still delicious without it being there. And did you see how quickly those sausages were polished off once we took them out of the oven?

Kirstin: Well remembered.

Anna: I liked the dips a lot but the tortilla chips got soggy quite quickly.

Kirstin: I’m not sure they count as crostini to be honest. But hey ho.

Anna: I think if they were on a different base. They might have worked better as a dip with the chips.

Kirstin: I loved the cocktail. I’m already talking about making it for Christmas.


Anna: Good thing that bottle didn’t smash when you dropped it.

Kirstin: Yes, I am a bit clumsy at the best of times.

Anna: So, same place. Same ladies. Next month?

Kirstin: I do hope so!

Canapes and a cocktail from “Nigella Christmas”

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