Cookbook of the Month, December 2014 “Nigella Christmas”

Maureen: It’s Christmas!

Kirstin: I am very excited about this book. i think we will be stepping back into early 1990s.

Maureen:  I like and admire her attitude to Christmas, where more is more and everyone is welcome.

Kirstin: Bring it on!

Maureen: I’m going to try to make some more of his bake goods for Christmas.

Kirstin: Good for you.

Maureen: The operative word there is try. You know how December gets. I’ve had book since 2008, and used it every Christmas since, but paging through it as we plan the month I found things that I hadn’t made yet and really want to try. It all sounds good.

Kirstin: It’s just happy food, isn’t it?

Maureen: Christmas with Nigella. What could be better.

Cookbook of the Month, December 2014 “Nigella Christmas”

7 thoughts on “Cookbook of the Month, December 2014 “Nigella Christmas”

  1. I’m excited for these posts to come! I’ve had my copy of Nigella Christmas for a while and have only made a handful of things from it last year so it’ll be interesting to see what you make and what you think of it. I loved the cranberry mince pies 🙂

    1. J says:

      I agree with dani, the cranberry mince pies are absolutely delicious and I’ve tried to make them every year since I’ve got the book, nobody else in my family likes them mind you, weird people.

  2. Kasia says:

    Must make the pannetone pudding cake! I’m only saying this because I plan on dishing out this masterpiece myself (of course with alterations) and would love to see some test runs! Have fun ladies 😉

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