Our Verdict – “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”

Maureen: Every time I type in this title, I want to hyphenate “best ever” in the title. But other than that, I really liked it. I watched one of his episodes on the Beeb and he seemed so great: someone who loves food and someone you’d want to spend time with.

Kirstin: He’s such a sweetie.

Maureen: What did you think of the book?

Kirstin: I really liked it, but I wished I had more time in the evenings. It’s not an evening book.

Maureen: It’s definitely a weekend book, because you start making things on Saturday and then you eat it on Sunday.

Kirstin: But did you like it?

Maureen: I did like very much. But I guess I’ve been spoiled by cookbooks which are much quicker, easier and delicious. This was delicious, but not quick in any way.

Kirstin: The chicken I made was amazing, but a bloody faff. It was so delicious that I forgot to eat the potatoes.

Maureen: We had the brisket, and we loved it. We’ve loved brisket before, but this was a whole new level of brisket deliciousness.

Kirstin: Yum.

Maureen: It’s not a every day cookbook, to be sure, but when you go to the trouble of making things in it, it always delivers.

“Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes” 
Overall Grade (A- F): Kirstin: A. Maureen: A
Best recipes: Kirstin: 40 cloves of Garlic Brined Chicken. Maureen: Pulled Beef Brisket in a Bun.
Grade for Photography (A-F): Kirstin: A: Bonus points for not having any pictures of him within the book, unlike Jamie.             Any disasters? No.                                                                                                                                                                  Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Kirstin: Low-rotation bookshelf. Maureen: Low-rotation bookshelf for weekend feasts.

Our Verdict – “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”

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