“Forty-cloves-of-garlic brined chicken” from ” “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”


Kirstin: You can always tell a recipe is a winner when you start planning the next time you’re going to make it!

Tom: Indeed. This would be great for entertaining, or even for Christmas. It was a real feast. I could eat that mayo for ever. But we ran out of chicken.

Kirstin: And I didn’t mess up the mayo! Thanks for your help with the separation of the oil from the gravy.

Tom: The garlic was great too.

Kirstin: Yes, but it’s a good thing you didn’t have too much of it, because we’re going to be in the car all day tomorrow. The chicken was so yummy that I forgot to have your roast potatoes!

Tom: They were rather good. I ended up dipping them in mayo instead of the chicken.

Kirstin: I should have thought of that! Very Belgian.

Tom: So what would you do differently next time?

Kirstin: I didn’t do the blowtorch part so I’d like to think of another way to crisp the skin a bit more, without the need for industrial equipment. Maybe grilling it would work. But overall, this recipe was a total winner.

Tom: Yes, we could just grill the chicken at the end instead. It would be good to have a bit of crunchy skin. But that is a very minor detail. This was fab, and I look forward to the next time we have it.

Kirstin: It was a faff, but I would be prepared to do that much faffing again, because it was so good.

“Forty-cloves-of-garlic brined chicken” from ” “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”

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